Yukon Human Rights Panel of Adjudicators

P.O. Box 33093 Ogilvie P.O. | Whitehorse, Yukon | Y1A 5Y5

Current Members

Penelope Gawn, Chief Adjudicator
Carmen Gustafson, Deputy Chief Adjudicator
Jean-S├ębastian Blais
Michael Dougherty
Karen Keenan
Michael Riseborough
Max Rispin
Bruce Warnsby


The Yukon Human Rights Panel of Adjudicators (Panel) consists of three or more members, including one Chief Adjudicator and one Deputy Chief Adjudicator. Members are appointed by the Legislative Assembly for a term of three years. Information about the application process can be found here.


Panel vacancies are listed on the Government of Yukon Executive Council Office webpage. Any Yukon resident is eligible to apply to the Panel.